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September 5, 2013
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Hyun Sung June, SHSL Hypnotist by DeathOfASalesLlama Hyun Sung June, SHSL Hypnotist by DeathOfASalesLlama
EDIT April 5/ 2014: Temp pic here!! (warning: old and ugly)
EDIT March 7/ 2014: This app?????? OVERWORKED???? Nonsense those two words do not go together

Joining this with a few of my buddies (you guys better not ditch me :iconepicstareplz: ) now that I've got some free time on my hands, woo!
But anyway, this is an app for the HopesPeakAcademy group! Shiny-Hunter got me into Dangan Ronpa and now I'm pretty obsessed, haha. You guys should definitely check it out!

Hyun, Sung June. Super High School Level Hypnotist. Alive.

[Name] Hyun Sung June 현성준 [Hyun = Surname/ Sung June = First name.] GOES BY 'Sung June'
[Age] 17
[Height] 5"8
[Weight] 145 lbs
[Gender] Male
[DOB] October 18

[SHSL] Hypnotist. With his calming voice, relaxed demeanor and above all, expert techniques, he is very successful in easily lulling his patients into a trance.

!! Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis cannot be used to force a person to do something against their will, as it only provides subconscious suggestions.

A few more clarifications include:
♦ Clinical hypnosis requires a lot of concentration on the part of the patient. Therefore, it is impossible to hypnotize someone to act against their will.
♦ This also means that hypnosis works best on strong-minded people, as they would be able to concentrate better.
♦ People do not magically regain all memories when in a trance- though repressed memories may be uncovered under a hypnotist's prompt. Post-hypnosis, they may not remember what transpired while in their trance, depending on whether or not the hypnotist told them to/ told them not to remember.

[Ethnicity/Home] Korean-American / United States of America

[Extra Features]
♦ Wears glasses, though his vision is good enough that he only really needs them for reading.
♦ He carries around a wind-up pocket-watch and a small metal disc-like object on a string.
♦ His hair is reddish-brown (close to chestnut).
♦ His eyes are ochre.
♦ His skin is pale- almost grey, even.
♦ He is only half Korean. Because Korean traits are more recessive, he looks more Caucasian than Asian.

[Weapon] N/A

Neither particularly hard-working or lazy, Sung June will make sure that his task is completed on time with fairly decent efforts, but not too impressively. He is extremely reliable, at least- whatever he agrees to do is sure to be done. It must always be asked of him, however, as he rarely takes initiative. Instead, he prefers to stand watch in the background (which also reflects in the dull and drab colors he wears), answering to the requests and needs of others. He will show polite interest in whatever conversation he is offered, and is very patient and gentle. Whether or not his astonishing patience and kindness is entirely genuine is a mystery; though he is friendly and caring with many, he keeps people at a distance. If ever prompted to speak about himself or personal matters, he will casually try to turn the topic towards the questioner, stating with a smile that he is 'terribly average'.

♥ House sparrow; it's his favorite animal.
♥ Green tea
♥ Solitary walks
♥ Classical music

♦ Extravagant or overly indulgent luxuries
♦ Conflict
♦ Being center of attention
♦ Rap music

[Additional Info] (will add more as more is discovered)
♦ He liked to go for walks in the park and scatter seeds for the birds.
♦ He never proclaims himself to be Super High School Level- when introducing himself, he will claim to be 'just a hypnotist'.
♦ He is very skilled at billiards, having played it once every week with his father when he was younger.
♦ He sometimes volunteered as a crossing guard.
♦ He is certified in CPR and first aid care.
♦ He likes the Beatles' songs.
♦ He can play the cello.
♦ He has vitamin D deficiency.
♦ He seems to hold an obsessive interest in younger students.
♦ He is almost always seen with a calm smile; he has very strong control over his temper, if he even has a temper.
♦ He only gets about 4 to 5 hours of sleep nightly, so he may be drowsy at times.
♦ Theme songs- Ghost Hunt, Hyoukai / Mabataki

Finnegan- obsession
He has an... odd obsession with this perky boy, often addressing him as 'dear little Finnegan' in his mind, or describing him with all sorts of terms such as 'cute', 'sweet', or 'adorable'. He seems to find everything this boy does absolutely adorable. He also seems to want to get him killed.
Akane- acquaintance for whom he feels concern.

While he hasn't gotten much of an opportunity to speak to her, she is one of the first people he has met in the communal setting. He finds her and her disorder intriguing (though he has already met others like her), and wishes to help her. He is wary of her due to her condition, however.

Lucius- to be coddled.
Sung June adores this... boy for his endearingly bold personality. Although he often rebukes him passively for his outbursts, he secretly hopes that he will be able to attain what he wants- because he knows that it probably won't really make him happy. Still, Lucius is a close friend of dear little Finnegan's, which automatically earns him Sung June's defense.

Sung June was of an average, middle-class family- father, mother, sister. He was not as hardworking as his family and teachers would have liked him to be, but nobody seemed to be able to correct him- all Sung June had to do was sweetly assure them that he would try his best, and the matter was dropped. He was extremely average in everything he did; agonizingly accurate in his ordinariness, often falling exactly on the class median. He seemed to have no talents at all, so bland and painfully unimpressive as he was. To make matters worse, he didn't even seem to have any ambition to improve and work upon himself, even when pressed or put in situations where an average person would have succumbed to stress. In fact, his only talent seemed to be his passivity; nothing seemed to be able to faze him. Even under the strictest deadlines and most challenging situations, he would simply smile, and leisurely pull his way through. This calm nature imposed such an aura of authority that it was infectious- in the most painful moments of his friends and family, he could calm them a little; his only talent, and a painfully useless one at that.

Or so any passerby would have thought...

If asked about his family or life before the school of despair, he will ramble on and on about how average he was until he learned hypnosis, and became famous with his success. If asked about where he learned hypnosis, he will recite a vague account of how he read about it in a book, and had taken interest to it.

[RP Sample]
It really was amazing, wasn't it? -that such a tastelessly mediocre student such as himself was able to come to such an amazing school. Sung June felt that just by being invited, the standards imposed on him had been elevated much, much higher. That because the governors of this prestigious school had chosen him to attend and perhaps become a symbol of hope, he would have to try much harder than he normally did... Perhaps, he would even make an effort to do something great; something worthy of a student of Hope's Peak Academy. But first, he had to enter. Nothing would come of just standing outside, staring in awe! Slipping on his usual smile, the rather dusty and drab student strolled leisurely into the building.

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gosh when that group opens up again I'm gonna have to sprint and get an app in

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vanileii Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"♦ He seems to hold an obsessive interest in younger students."

:iconepicstareplz: I-is Keisei included here? xDD

He's so cool! ;w; And I bet if he had that kind of look when meeting Keisei, she'll be pretty scared xDD
I hope we can RP sometime! .u.
DeathOfASalesLlama Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ohoho, we'll see!! :iconlazeplz: aka it also depends on how they act, and she acts childishly so probably yes //FLEES
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